The Sun Also Rises Chapter 14

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Please analyze and comment upon this extract from The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway.

The Sun Also Rises is a novel written by Ernest Hemingway that was published in 1926. The author is a very famous American writer and journalist whose style had an important influence on XXth century's authors. He also won a Pulitzer for Fiction in 1953 and a Nobel prize in Literature in 1954. The Sun Also Rises is his first fictional novel, it describes the travel from Paris to Pamplona of a group of British and American expatriates.

This excerpt from The Sun Also Rises comes from the fourteenth chapter of the novel. It is about a man who struggles with his own thoughts and his idea of life and of the world, while he is trying to sleep, after he drank too much. This man is drunk, at first he gets to bed and starts to read a book he had already read, but he is distracted by some of his roommates who are coming back home. He then starts to close his eyes and wants to sleep, but he cannot, so he begins to think, about women, about himself, and then about some aspects of his life which leads him to indicate his vision of the world to the reader.

Therefore we can ask ourselves how this excerpt shows a man fighting against his own fears and struggling with the reality of his life, and his assessment of friendship, money, reality and language.

This writing will highlight firstly the importance of alcohol and regret in the narrator's life, and secondly the odd relationship this narrator has to money and how he links money to life.


First of all, the narrator who is the main character of the text, explains that he is drunk, but the events that led to this state are hazy, not explained, merely implied. The fact that it is written in the third sentence of the chapter shows that this information is quite important, it highlights the state of mind of the narrator, and point out his own awareness of his condition. Though he is aware of his drunken state, he writes 'I was quite drunk' (line 3) and 'I was very drunk' (line 9), he does not seem ready to face the consequences of his actions, and particularly the state he is in, in the extent that he does not want to 'shut [his] eyes' (line 9). This particular fact indicates that he is not ready to deal with himself and his own thoughts, although he tries to convince himself he is, by claiming his drunkenness, and he tries to distract himself by reading a book he already read, and to which he does not really pay attention since he 'read[s] the same two pages over several times' (line 5), but also since he already read the book once. This fact does not bother him, the book seems 'quite new'(line 7) to him, which points out his state of mind, as if his drunkenness would make him think differently and ready differently. This first paragraph gives an overview of the narrator's mind, and his conflicted emotions : one the one hand he tries to assume his drunkenness, but on the other hand his actions show that he is not ready to and he holds on to his book which in this case might represent a stable and usual element, since he already read it.

The fact is that alcohol is not the only regret he has. The narrator also is somehow disgusted with himself after the reactions and thoughts he had about the incident between Mike and Cohn. This incident is related in the last but one paragraph, and the narrator's loathing is here again linked to alcohol, this time not to him but to his friends. The narrator's morality is based upon what feels correct to him more than on a strict moral code. When he thinks about the treatment of Cohn earlier in the evening, he is outraged because of Mike's behavior and his own enjoyment of the cruelty . He explains clearly that he has a very low self-esteem, and that he sometimes think things he wished he would not think, precisely because he does not feel that he is a good person. This information being at the end of...
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