There has been debate over the present-day characteristics of the biome of tropical regions

Topics: Brazil, Rainforest, Deforestation Pages: 3 (1275 words) Published: November 30, 2014
There has been debate over the present-day characteristics of the biome of tropical regions. For some they are viewed as a natural response to the climate of the area. Whereas for others they are regarded as a product of human interferences. Discuss this statement in the context of the biome you have studied. The Amazon rainforest is affected by both human interference such as deforestation as well as the climate contributing to global warming and causing both harm and extinction towards the species located within the rainforest. Some of the changes are not down to human interference and is the process of evolution. In the Amazon there are different areas making up the rainforest, some areas show human interference where the area has been affected by deforestation, whereas other areas of the Amazon stay untouched and managed and so are affected by natural effects.

The equatorial climate has little variation resulting in a hot wet climate all year round, the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has a mean monthly temperature of around 28°C, ranging between 25°C and 27°C. The Amazon rainfall averages 2677mm per annum. Most precipitation occurs during the day giving the Amazon its hot and wet climate. Primary productivity in the Amazon rainforest is very high, and is the most biologically diverse region in the world, it has nearly 200 species of mammals, more then 500 species of bird, more than 300 species of fish and 180 tree species. Competition being exceeding high ensures that very few species dominate. The rainforest has developed over a long period of time, which has encouraged complex food webs do develop. The constant warm temperatures allow for reproduction throughout the year, this allows for natural selection and evolution to take place at a rapid rate, showing how the Amazon rainforest is a natural response to the climate.

Growth is not restricted by shortages of water supply due to the increase in rainfall in the Amazon rainforest. Stratification creates...
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