Thomas Green

Topics: Power, Authority, Case study Pages: 5 (1603 words) Published: September 26, 2012
Case Study Analysis: Thomas Green
Carol Peters
Grand Canyon University: LDR 610
September 5, 2012

Case Study Analysis: Thomas Green
The purpose of this paper is an analysis of the case study by Sasser and Beckham (2008), “Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis”, pertaining to set criteria outlined herein. Within the analysis I will provide a connotation of the actions of Thomas Green and how I think these actions differ from Davis's expectations. The individual agendas of Davis and McDonald, outlined within the case study will be stated. An explanation of how each individual wants to be treated within the organization will be provided. Also, the personal bases of power that were used by these individuals will be included. Evaluation using the French and Raven’s personal bases of power and the most effective use of these power bases will be considered and their application for optimum success by these individuals. Determination will be indicated concerning abuse of French and Ravens personal bases herein. Background of the Case Study

Davis, McDonald, and Green
“Dynamic Displays is a company providing alternatives for airline consumers via Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) self service options rather than ordinary banking methods,” (Beckham & Sasser, 2008). In 2007, Dynamic Displays added a Travel and Hospitality division. Thomas Green, a successful sales agent at National Business Solutions located in Atlanta, Georgia, was a new hire recruit at Dynamic Displays. Green was recruited as an account executive and served four months, but was promoted to senior marketing specialist proceeding his exemplary performance noticed by senior executives, Georgia native Shannon McDonald, division vice president and Mary Jacobs, national sales director, (Beckham & Sasser, 2008). McDonald was concerned about Green’s lack of managerial experience. McDonald told Green, “the new job will require you to think strategically as well as tactically, and you will have to coordinate between several different functions and layers of corporate management,” (Beckham & Sasser, 2008). The promotion relocated Green, originally from Georgia, to corporate headquarters in Boston where he reported directly to Frank Davis, marketing director. Davis and Green

Davis had the expectation he would be choosing the senior marketing specialist, the slot Davis previously held before Davis’s promotion to marketing director. All data Davis had accumulated concerning future sales and industry expectations were available for Green, but the numbers were not correct according to Green. Realizing Green did not agree with the assumptions Davis made concerning performance sales he had compiled for the 2008 Budget Plan meeting, Davis was visibly upset and challenged Green, (Beckham & Sasser, 2008). In retaliation concerning Green’s non-conforming to Davis’s forecasts for the upcoming year, Davis scheduled an individual performance evaluation for Green and began to highlight discrepancies Davis felt Green had with his performance in his newly acquired position at the company. Green

Thomas Green is an ambitious employee attempting to prove himself to his superiors and confidants in the organization. Green is a little too confident to frankly his behavior is unacceptable to not uphold his boss, but Green is striving to climb the ladder of success and showing his wares to those in the organization with the confrontation he had with his boss. Tom seems to have assumed that Frank is stupid. This is most likely not true. It's probably a simple case of Tom losing out in the game of office politics. Green was victimized by Davis with continual nagging about his performance and condescending by Davis until McDonald was made aware, (Beckham & Sasser, 2008). After Davis told McDonald of his evaluation results pertaining to performance Davis stated about Green, Green was asked to explain. Green was aware, at this...

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Beckham, H., & Sasser, E. (2008). Thomas green: Power, office politics, and a career in crisis. Brief Cases. Retrieved on September 4, 2012 from
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