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Payroll System with 201 File and Time Keeping Management
For Phoenix Gas Station

A Project
Presented to
the Faculty of STI College Las Piñas

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree of
System Analysis and Design

Abiera, Joel O.
Gumapas, Ma Patricia P.
Martinez, Daniel C.
Olarte, David Rey R.

Mr. Jason I. Mabignay
Project Adviser

March 2015

Now a day, modern organization is equipped with all infrastructure including computers. They want maximum output with minimum efforts. With a busy schedule, people wants to get output without any delay. The term of Payroll encompasses every employee of a company who receives a regular salary, wage or other bonuses and compensation. Some employees may be paid a steady salary while others are paid for hours worked. All of these different payment methods are calculated by a Payroll Process. In this developed system we are can also keep some personal information of that employee along 201 File. This proposed system helps company to keep records as well as calculate salary. The objective of the developed system is to have an electronic way of saving of calculating salary of employee for Phoenix Gas Station. The developed system also include a 201 File management for the data entry, data tracking and data information needs of the HR Admin and Accounting Functions within a business premises. Having a Payroll System with 201 File and Time Keeping Management can make the Phoenix Gas Station fast, efficient, flexible will lessen the workload of the said company.


Developing a system and creating a documentation paper in System Analysis and Design produce a lot of time, pressure and stress. In developing a system and documentation, the developers would like to thank God for giving us strength and peace of mind to be able to manage this phase of college life. The developers would like to thank also Mr. Jason I. Mabignay as adviser of...
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