Training Needs Analysis

Topics: Training, Apprenticeship, Vocational education Pages: 4 (888 words) Published: December 17, 2012
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Case Study: Training Needs Analysis


In 1987, Ms. Dillman was hired by IMP to work in Hangar 3 at North American International Airport as a seamstress in their fabric shop. After six months, the workload dropped, so Ms. Dillman approached her supervisor and asked for additional responsibilities. He sent her to the sheet metal shop. A number of months passed, and she approached the supervisor and asked if her classification could be changed from fabric worker to sheet metal technician; he complied.

At 20 years of age, she was the only woman out of about 100 employees working in Hangar 3. She often received special attention in terms of help and guidance, which she indicated she appreciated. But it was a male-dominated environment, and the language was crude and vulgar. Having pictures of naked women in the locker room was prohibited, but such pictures were posted and little was done about it. There was also evidence that in apprenticeship programs, men received extensive training, whereas women in the same programs received minimal training.

Mr. Pettipas was a long-time employee at IMP. In 1989, Ms. Dillman was assigned to work for him, and he was to provide her with on-the-job training. The first problem arose when Ms. Dillman made a mistake. Mr. Pettipas erupted in a torrent of verbal abuse directed at her. No one had ever heard him act so inappropriately. The incident caused Ms. Dillman to ask if she could be reassigned; the request was granted. When Mr. Pettipas was working in other hangars, things went fine. But when Mr. Pettipas was in her vicinity, he always made snide comments and insinuations. On one occasion, he screamed at...
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