Treadway Tire Company Case Analysis and Action Plan

Topics: Qualitative research, Scientific method, Case study Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: December 10, 2010
In the Treadway case, Ashley Wall needed to "develop a thorough analysis of root causes and a specific plan to address these issues" (p.6). Using what you have learned from the case study thus far in the course (analyzing the data and information in the case, and identifying additional information that would lead to a deeper understanding of the problem), provide a final analysis of the problem and its root causes, and develop a plan to address the issues. Your response to this assignment should be a formal, critical analysis that follows the MEAL plan paragraph formatting, to thoroughly answer the questions. Frame the Problem: Use the Action Research Template, provided in the Resources for this assignment, as a guide to frame the problem and define root causes.

• Explain contextual and organizational issues (the perspectives or values, as presented in Segment 3).

• Identify additional information you would collect as part of further action to be taken (as discussed in Segment 4). Provide your rationale. Because you will not have actually collected additional data, the plan itself should be based on what is known so far; and include, in its first steps, the collection of data or other ways to address information gaps (as identified in Segment 4).

Provide Approaches: Present two or three possible approaches you might take to address the root causes of the problem. Your approaches should include compelling rationale, based on the case evidence and on the course literature, and a short implementation plan and timeline. Describe Metrics: Describe the metrics used to document the current state in the case (see, also, the case exhibits). Define how these metrics would be expected to change in the future state (after implementation) for the key issues you defined. Include a description of measures that you would undertake in order to know whether the action plan made a positive difference at Treadway. You are attempting to define how you will know...
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