Trouble at City Zoo

Topics: Meeting, Communication, Scientific method Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Trouble at City Zoo.
There are many factors, which determined the behavior in our group of five members that was assigned by our professor. Many organizational theories assist in explaining the behavior noticed within our group. Leadership, Personality, motivation, Group and team work are going to be the topic areas which I am going to explore using organizational behavior. Organizational behavior can be described as groups of people who work together but contribute individuallay toward accomplishing a shared goal or task. The group project “Trouble at City Zoo” was a case study that helped me reflect on organizational behavior within our group. At first we met as a group and wrote down our goals and preferred channels of communication. Since, everybody had there own schedules and we did not get any class time to work on the project it was decided we would communicate via text messages and google documents. At that time it seemed to be the best channel of communication and as time went by we realized that inorder to be aligned as a team we needed to meet face to face. We had our initial meeting and a leader emerged, that was wonderful but after that the group did not do anything. Describe punctuated equilibrium.  

There was conflict when group members did not show up at group members ans we felt that not everybody was contributing to their best abilities. One group member did not even bother to have a text book and I as a leader made sure she got a copy of the case. It was in the group’s best interest that she be given a copy. Then we met for the first time not everybody had read the case and it was apparent and frustrating. Then we were rushed for time and we met the professor and only two out of five could meet the professor. Then we cracked the case and not all members were present at every meeting. It was hard to work as a team. Then I decided to host two meetings at home and the last one brought us closer together since we shared some snacks and personal...
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