TV Turnoff Week: Analysis

Topics: Television, TV turnoff, Entertainment Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Tajmina Aakhi
1st period
Argument against TV- Green sheet Annotation

1) Paragraph 1 was mainly about the " TV Turnoff Week, " a challenge that was given to 98% of Americans who own at least one television to switch it off and to fine something better to do. The author, Corbett Trubey states that television has a much greater hold on our lives than we think. Paragraph 2 was talking about how the TV had an impact on the Americans over the past 60 years.Even though people of the 20th century think it was one of the best inventions, none of the other invention were addicting like TV.According to the author, the average American spends nine years of their lives glued to the box. Paragraph 3 was discussing the two categories of television audience: Passive and interpretive. Passive viewers just sit, face forward, to be entertained. But they are getting nothing done. When we watch TV, the stream of images flows into our brain and make us concentrate on an alternate reality, which causes physical & mental inactivity. Paragraph 4 was over how TV affects what we say, think, feel, wear and do in a negative way. The author thinks if TV makes us laugh and think, we can find something better that can also make us laugh( going out with friends). She wants us to read books instead. Paragraph 5 was the final step of this essay which was to face the challenge and turn off the television. She wants our mind off from TV & to live a richer and more fulfilling life.

2) The passage's CENTRAL ARGUMENT was not to watch TV! The author used 2 kinds of Claims such as Claims of Value( to evaluate and judge something) and Claims of Fact. Claims of Value- " Unfortunately, our old friends greed and sloth entered the picture and transformed it into a 24-hour ad-plastered, brainwashing, individuality bleaching, stereotyping, couch-potato making tool of society. . " I felt that the author used claims of value because She is judging our...
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