Unemployment: Case Study and Skills Unskilled Labor

Topics: Case study, Unemployment, Causality Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Unemployment is the condition during which a person does not have and can not find a job to support her living. Unemployment is a very serious problem of the human civilization. Human existence and prosperous life is based on constant work, but when a person can not find any job, it is a big problem, because one can not afford good food, shelter for living and as a result the quality of life becomes extremely low and a person faces the image of poverty. People all over the world try to cope with unemployment especially youth, as it is becoming more and more widespread. The problem of unemployment depends on a great number of factors. First of all it is overpopulation of the region, country and the whole planet. Very often there are too many people for the workplaces which can offer a company and the country, so people have to move somewhere to fond job or wait till there are free places. Another factor is the lack of competence. When certain professions (mostly the modern ones) require good education and skills unskilled labor is not needed their. As a result people without education have to look for other kinds of work, which is not easy.

People have always wanted to cope with the problem of unemployment but frankly speaking it is impossible, because of the rapid growth of population. Cyclical, seasonal and structural unemployment will always exist, the only thing which can be controlled is its percentage. The government can only do its best and reduce the number of unemployed people but it is fairly impossible to defeat the whole problem. When one writes a case study, he has to think over the topic scrupulously and collect data about it to understand its nature and analyze it from all sides. It is important to understand the reasons of unemployment, its types and its effect. Evidently, unemployment causes a great number of the related problems like poverty, crime, violence, chaos, epidemics, etc, because people do not have enough money to support their...
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