Unit 2 Project Case Study

Topics: Sergeant, Officer, Motivation Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Case Study Sergeant Robert Christopher
Michael Woodruff
Kaplan University
CJ345 Supervisory Practices in Criminal Justice
Professor Greg Ariza
March 12, 2013

Case Study Sergeant Robert Christopher
This report will be about a case study about Robert Christopher. He is a new supervisor on the night shift. He is having problems with the officer motivation and communication. This report will include information on how he can help to improve the officer’s motivation and the communication between him as the SGT. and the officers that he works with. At the end of this report, you will see what he did to help the officer to get motivated and to have beater communication. Sergeant Welsh should approach the problem of officer motivation by. Would, approach the problem of motivating buy going out and work with all the officers at least once every two weeks and work there beats with them and see what they go throw and help them and tray and make their job a little easier. It will also help with the communication with the officers and if they will be able to tack to you a little more because they know that you have been throw what they have. They way Sergeant welsh should go about determining the basic need drives of each officer is. That he needs to take some time to talk to them and see how the Sergeant Welsh can help with their basic need drives for the officer. The first thing that SGT. Walsh should do as a supervisor it that he needs meet the every officer that is under his command and introduce himself and get to Know the officers that he will be working with. Another than that he also should see if they have any concerns that they what to tell me so he can address them. The way that Sgt. Walsh should deal with the fact that while you have more experience, you have less formal education then the officers that you are working over. Let them not that he will do the best that he can and that it is not about what experience or how much education you have...

References: More, H. W., & Miller, L. S. (2012). Effective police supervision. Burlington, MA: Anderson
In text, post (More & Miller, 2012).
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