Us Golf Holiday

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Case Study: USA Golf Holidays

Question #1 Discuss the USA growth strategy. What market(s) would you recommend pursuing as they move ahead?

USA Golf Holidays grew slowly in a niche market. Brian Bell took a responsible approach to the growth of the company, ensuring to always be able to provide high quality vacations to his customers. He cultivated strong relationships with travel agencies, golf clubs, etc. Since his clientele is very specific they have also been loyal. However, at some point, the same trip with the same expectations may not be enough and the client may want more. Bell’s idea to enter into other relationships with wineries and adventure traveling could be just the idea to bring USA Golf Holidays to the next level. With Bell’s responsible growth approaches, I believe the entry into these additional relationships would be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Bell always wants to keep the client first, and I do not believe he would jeopardize that relationship to take on additional avenues for growth.

Question #2 From the standpoint of an interested investor, comment on the USA financial projections.

USA Golf Holidays clearly have been very successful since 2003 (Revenue Projections sheet 2003-2007). From 2006 to 2007 the total revenue growth grew 41%, 18% less than the previous year. However, I do believe a n investor would be very interested in looking more at USA Golf Holiday and perhaps which new directions the company was interested in going in after understanding the decline in total revenue growth.

Question #3 Examine the impact and implications of the Internet on the travel industry.

Like the case study states, I find myself researching travel online and calling to make reservations. In most cases, I find that calling to make reservations results in lower costs or additional pieces I can add to the package. I do, however, order my airline tickets online, just as the case study discussed. When I...
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