Topics: Management, Leadership, Inflation Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: September 8, 2013
This case is about Linda White, a supervisor in a publishing and editing company called Orion. Approximately one year ago, she was promoted to her present position because she was hard-working and expernced. However, productivity and morale in her department are low. There have been problems with the quality of work, as well as with meeting the deadlines. Consequently, staff have complained, some staff have left the company and others are thinking of leaving. Linda is stressed. This case study report will identify the problems and their causes, then it will present two possible solutions which will be evaluated. Finally, a recommendation will be made for Linda's managers to act on.

Problem Identification and Analysis
An analysis of the case reveals that the department's problems and Linda's stress can be attributed to Linda's inappropriate leadership style. Leadership style refers to the way that a leader behaves. According to Chapman et al. (2005, p. 39) and (Thornton 2004, p. 35), managers use a variety of styles, from autocratic to laissez-faire, depending on the situation. A questionnaire conducted by management shows the situation in Linda's department. Her staff lack suitable guidance and adequate communication, and they have complained about Linda's leadership style. This situation has had a number of effects, namely, staff morale and productivity are low, staff have left or are thinking of leaving, and Linda is stressed. The majority of Linda's staff is clear about their tasks and deadlines because Linda is precise when she gives directions. This shows that she uses the autocratic style. However, a large minority of her staff complain that she does not listen to or care about what they say. When she gives answers, they are not straightforward. Also, she gives her staff freedom in making decisions about how to complete tasks. This shows that she uses the delegating style. However, according to the questionnaire, only three people said...
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