Why Case Studies

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Why case studies?
A case study is a snapshot from a moment in time when businesses are facing key decisions PURPOSE:
Case studies are meant to expose students to business scenarios and problems as well as help students develop the methodology to solve those problems How to Approach a Case Study?
Read the prompt/given questions
Read the case. Take preliminary notes
What is the core problem? Write it out in 1-2 sentences
Read through the case again. Find 3 alternatives and jot down pros/cons Solution & impacts
Things to Think:
Long term vs. Short term
Risk vs. Reward
Target Consumer
Financial Viability
Brand Image
Fixed vs. Variable Costs
Profit vs. Revenue
Format of the Case Report
Paragraph 1: Intro/Problem
Paragraph 2*: Alternative 1 with pros/cons
Paragraph 3*: Alternative 2 with pros/cons
Paragraph 4*: Alternative 3 with pros/cons
Paragraph 5: Recommendation and why that solution is the best course of action * Can be combined together to save space
* 3 Alternatives are recommended but not required
12 pt. Times New Roman, 1” Margins
Formal Paper (no “I”, etc.)
Should be an “Executive Summary” (i.e. You are the consultant handing in 1 page to the CEO) Grammar is important. Be concise.
Do not exceed 1 page
All relevant work is in an appendix
You + Partners’ Name, Your TA’s Name
Tips for Case Writing:
Look over the case by yourself first – figure out potential solutions & organize your thoughts then meet up with your partner to finalize & discuss Try teaming up with another pair of students
Attend your TAs office hours Andrew Boseman ajb399, Mon 2:30-3:30pm Attend any office hours!
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