Why Must Laboratory Procedures And Practices Be Clearly Communicated

Topics: Experiment, Risk, Case study Pages: 2 (940 words) Published: May 1, 2015
Why must laboratory procedures and practices be clearly communicated? By Christina Lishman
Laboratory procedures and practices are a set of guidelines which provide a clear guide on how to plan, perform, record and report all experiments safely so that human health isn’t harmed. By clearly communicating these procedures, it ensures quality, reliability and safety of the experimental activities being carried out. Laboratory procedures and practices must be clearly communicated so that the laboratory is ensured that it‘s a safe working place and so experiments are be carried out safely. It is necessary because health and safety is important for every individual. If they weren’t understood properly there would be an increased risk of harm to all employees and if there are no clear procedures to follow, then employees may not know what to do if there is a significant hazard; this could have severe implications on their health. Using good judgment, observing safety rules and following directions can prevent accidents from happening. Experiments need to have a risk assessment so that individuals in the work place can be made aware of hazards and risks of implementing the experiment. It should provide information on how the individuals can be protected from injury. Good judgments need to be made about the importance of communicating the lab procedure to all employees so that the laboratory is ensured to be a safe working place. The employer has the responsibility to monitor that all procedures and practices are being communicated correctly. By communicating these procedures clearly, it will mean that there are fewer accidents since all operations will be carried out safely. This will minimise accidental mistakes that can be made. They must be clearly communicated because they will increase the efficiency of the company since less incidents will have to be resolved. Clear communication helps with the financial aspect of the company since less money...
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