Wintergear Distributors Case

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The Case Study Question Set:

The following questions accompany the case and are both useful in helping the student think about WGD case study content and as a homework assignment due prior to an actual in-class discussion of the case.

1. Draw a system diagram showing the product and information flows between WGD and FastFit, starting with FastFit placement of an order through when it makes payment for goods received. This diagram will represent each company as a circle for a total of two circles. a.

2. Next, complete a more detailed diagram that has five distinct processes (hence five circles), two for FastFit (Headquarters and the Warehouse)) and three for WGD’s three departments. This diagram should also include the database associated with each WGD department using the cylinder symbol, there are three of these. Now fill in the flows from Q1 above. Then diagram all the flows of information that occur within FastFit and within WGD to support the processing of the order. Do not diagram any computer network details; just illustrate the three databases using the cylinder symbol. b.

3. What happens when a customer calls and asks for the status of their order? Is this a business problem and why?

c. The SD answers and will have to check with the OD to see where the order is. Seeing as how they have an old OS they will more than likely have no tracking so this will be a problem for them that will need to be changed.

4. Are errors in filling orders likely, why is that and what is their business impact? d. Yes, because people are filling these order. People are not perfect, therefore problems will likely occur. These impacts will be big considering that they have 200 orders a day. They have to pay off 45 manufacturers, so if they mess up an order they will be losing more money than they should.

5. Estimate how long it takes from when a customer gives WGD an order until it is shipped? Do this by estimating...
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