Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-Tak (a)

Topics: Management, Case study, Brodsky Quartet Pages: 5 (1462 words) Published: July 16, 2010
I.Introduction & Problem Definition
Königsbräu A.G., which was a Munich-based brewer company, has subsidiary in Ukrainian. Wolfgang Keller who is the managing director of Ukrainian subsidiary with having succeeded as a hands-on manager, worked for food manufacturing companies in the past. He generally took his success with effective solutions such as changing marketing strategy, reconfiguring the sales force, hiring a new top-management and many others. As a result of this effort, he set one’s sights on and also he expects to be promoted to the firm’s Vorstand for the future. Dmitri Brodsky, who is the Königsbräu-TAK’s commercial director, attended to firm 2 years earlier and his performance in this company is checked and is not admired by Keller. Ivan Zelenko, who worked for food manufacturing subsidiary with Keller in the past, is Keller’s close friend in daily life and now marketing director of Königsbräu A.G.. In this report, the problem is Dmitri Brodsky’s performance progressively got lower and hence this situation disturbed Keller. So, Keller, as he applied his work style into the business area effectively, needs to decide to shift in some processes or find out some alternatives so as to solve this problem.

In order to catch objective analysis in this case study, there will be explanations of perceptions and perspectives of each person in the case, in other words trying to solve this socio-physiological issue as making empathy for each person. Before going in deep analysis, it should be mentioned about characteristics of each business man. As can be seen from the mostly used word “suspect”, Keller is a bit suspicious person to peoples, and action-based, impatient, hands-on approaching personality he has. Conversely, Brodsky is patient, analyzer, deliberate in his behaviours. The problems generally are originated from two main issues which are being close interaction with people in social and business lives, secondly working performance based on deadlines, processes and as a consequence of all reasons absence of leadership skills for Brodsky according to Keller. Apart from these problems there is also notable relationship between with Keller and Dr. Haussler about the working style of Keller. Initially, in accordance with the perspective of Keller, Brodsky generally doesn’t tend to and cultivate personal contact with customers, distributors and many others, for example distributors is the crucial and potential factor to increase selling of beers to pubs, hotels, and the others, but Brodsky does not concentrate on this carefully he thinks. Keller thinks salespeople should need to keep hands-on on contact with them, because of the importance of serving them as a guide for the sales force. This also causes some problem in well integration into the management team. Keller also suspected and concerned about lack of face to face contact of Brodsky with subordinates. As he said, camaraderie is so important to develop enthusiasm and loyalty with using personal contact. Besides, Brodsky chooses to separate his private life from business life, in the business generally people prefer to talk about their families with their colleagues but Brodsky does not. For instance, after the party the distributors called Brodsky for fishing but he didn’t choose to attend them and he went his home; then distributors went to his home but they were a bit uncomfortable when Brodsky still called them in formal way at his home. As a result of these weaknesses of Brodsky, Keller regards him as a weak line manager or leader, but on the another hand Brodsky claims that if Keller does not interfere his situations and processes he can analyze and accomplish each steps in a successful manner. Against to Keller, Brodsky feels himself as a leader, but maybe not a charismatic leader. According to “Pygmalion in Management” article, Keller should consider as people get older they become harder to influence, beliefs and abilities of self...
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