A Day in the Life of Alex Sander

Topics: Organizational studies, Confidence, Organization Pages: 5 (1017 words) Published: August 18, 2013
A day in the life of Alex Sanders: Driving in the fast lane at Landon Care Products

By Anshul Gupta
Sayan Ghosh
Neha Shourie
Neha Saraogi

Case Study: A Day in the Life of Alex Sander:
Driving in the Fast Lane of Landon Care Products.

Executive Summary
                                        * Alex Sander was the newest and youngest product manager in the toiletries division of Landon care products headquartered in Connecticut. Recently Landon had been acquired by a European based beauty company, Avant-Garde which was planning to take hold  of  market share in the United States.

* While in Landon care products Alex had successfully rebranded two national skin care products and now Alex’s focus is on new Nourish product launch, the most challenging marketing assignment of his career ever.

* Alex in his early career worked as an account executive in an Ad agency while he was more interested in taking charge of his own creation.

* On one hand Alex was goal oriented, multitasking, efficient, highly focussed and dedicated  towards  professional commitments, on the other hand Alex was over commanding, impatient and aggressive and an arrogant person who could not explain something more than a couple of times and believed in  using temper as an effective management tool.

* A 360o performance review is being conducted at Landon Care Products for the very first time which takes into account feedback from upward, downward hierarchy, colleague and also the customers of an employee in an organisation.

* Alex is doubtful about how the feedback will be used - is it for personal development or performance appraisal?


* Alex being authoritative, Alex assigned a daunting list of action items to every team member of the product Nourish during the team meeting and also sternly addresses Hansen Leong, Alex’s Assistant for not producing an upto the mark assignment.

* Alex continuously ruffles people’s feelings. When it comes to work, Alex can easily steamroll over someone’s feelings to which Alex agrees.

* Alex sometimes used to make decisions without involving the team, which undermined the subordinates, as said by Mr A, the supervisor, in the 360o review.

* Alex ignores the value in diversity of approaches and attitudes since Alex is not bothered about the 360o performance feedback. Alex considers it to be irrelevant and doubts its correctness and also sidelines the promotion factor.

* Alex expects his colleagues to put in extra hours to meet an important deadline which if not done is considered to be lack of commitment by Alex. * Sam Glass informed Alex that the team members were losing confidence in Alex as a leader and a motivator.

* Impatient: Alex Sander is impatient as Alex cannot explain something more than a couple of times.      
Character traits of Alex Sander

* Effective-Alex successfully rebranded two natural skin care products in one year. Capable of controlling environment/subordinates through autocracy, command and delegation. * Highly Active-Alex gets involved in every detail of product launches. * Risk taking, Practical (Pragmatic) and maintains emotional distance. * Being a high Mach, Alex gets influenced less and manipulates more. * Self obsessed and Arrogant, loves admiration from others and has high sense of entitlement. * Narcissist-he is sticking to what he wants, does not like changes and is not adaptable. * Type A personality-Alex was fast, agile and active.

* Not Proactive-Alex doesn’t foresees future endeavours.


* Alex’s authoritative nature can be related to the theory of employee engagement because of Alex’s involvement, satisfaction and enthusiasm about the work Alex does thus representing the category of active-constructive situation. * Alex’s insensitiveness and...
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