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Work Plan – SharePoint

The increasing demand for collaboration of teams, both domestic and global, dictates the need for a new and dynamic technology tool. It has become difficult to share data and to transfer data among team members. Shared systems within these groups are also suffering due to the need for customization its increasing costs.

The purpose of this new and dynamic technology tool is to allow teams to collaborate. The tool will also allow the teams to develop customized applications to fit the needs of the project/work scope without escalated costs.

Case studies will be a focus of data collection. Case studies allow the dissection of problems and offers solutions. Visits and/or calls to the application developer, Microsoft, will prove worthy. The application developer will share first-hand knowledge about the application. Word-of-mouth from colleagues will be utilized. A small test pilot will also be used to gather data for the project.

The preliminary outline for the new application (technology) project is as follows: I. Solutions provided
What solutions does the application provide?
a. Collaborative application
b. Fully integratable
c. User-friendly: user can build portals
d. All systems can be in one portal

II. Immediate benefits
What immediate benefits does the application provide?
e. Cost savings
f. All systems can be integrated into one portal
g. Use with existing applications
h. Can build customized platforms

III. Cost prohibitive
Is the application cost-worthy?
i. User-friendly
j. Provides backend interface
k. Can integrate with existing applications
l. Offers a “one-stop-shop” approach

IV. Industry usage
Are other companies using the application?
m. Can be utilized with domestic and international...
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