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Miracle C Compiler runs under Windows (XP/Vista) and compiles for the command line. Provides a multi-window development environment with integrated compiler and linker, and online helpfile documentation. Source code to the compiler, preprocessor and linker is supplied upon registration.

"an excellent product at an excellent price" C.O'B. England; "excellent" P.K. Ireland; "fabulous product" P.D. USA; "I love the C compiler" G.G. USA; "it impressed me tremendously" A.B. India

The Miracle C Compiler runs under MS-Windows targeting the command line. All traditional C syntax is implemented, including record (struct/union) and enumerated data types, int, long and floating point data types, user type definition. There is a comprehensive library of functions; some example programs demonstrating compiler features; and Windows Helpfile documentation is supplied with the package.

Miracle generates object for Microsoft or compatible linker (such a link facility is builtin to the Workbench). The workbench enables the user to develop code with multi-window editor featuring syntax colouring, from which write, compile and build operations are launched.

MCW is an ideal beginner's compiler due to its ease of use, while provision of source code to registered users gives an insight into real world compiler design for a common operating system.

The compiler is currently at revision 4.1. If you have any questions about the current release, send feedback.

Installation instructions
If you do not have Visual C++ 2008 SP1 installed then download the redistributable. Download the mc41shr.msi file, choosing Save-to-Disk.
Double-click on the file you downloaded in the previous step. Follow the installer prompts. If you have installed in a directory other than C:\Program Files\Miracle C, run the compiler and issue Options/Compiler to set the directory. You're all set! Run the compiler. Try out the example programs. Enjoy! Please look at the Miracle C Installation...
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