Topics: Ethics, Public relations, Business ethics Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Fundamentals of PR: CPRL 510-751
Fall 2014


DUE DATE:Monday 22 September 2014


Submit hardcopy in class on 22 September 2014.
Please number your answers correctly.
You will be assessed on language, and your insight and interpretation of the work covered. I am looking for your understanding, not your ability to copy from a book. Also, your ability to substantiate your argument will be assessed, i.e. providing sound reasoning for your thoughts. Remember proper referencing for anything taken from a source of any kind (book or internet, CD, DVD, anything). Dazzle me with your knowledge.


Read the short cases below, choose two of the three cases provided, then answer the questions that follow for each case.

Ethics case study 1

“You’ve recently left a job as an account supervisor at a public relations agency that specializes in social media and technology clients to go to work in the public relations division of a leading smart phone manufacturer. You learned of the career opportunity a few months after the agency you worked for had failed to win the smart phone company as a client. You were a member of the team that developed and pitched the business and happen to have the agency’s entire presentation on a personal flash drive. Your new boss asks you to propose strategies and tactics to support the launch of a ground-breaking application. The fastest and easiest thing for you to do is to copy relevant portions of your previous employer’s proposal, including key messages for targeted markets, and present it to your new boss. What do you do?” (Cited from PRSA Ethics and Standards Case Study Series)

Ethics case study 2

One of your agency’s largest clients is a leading international airline and the client has asked you to write a speech for the Chairman of the Board that will be delivered at an International Air Transport Association gathering in Geneva, Switzerland. Your client...

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